Sea To Sierra Tours, Mexico

Tourism website

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A tourism website needs to not only make you want to visit a place, it should also create a community. The Sea To Sierra bicycle tour site accomplished just that. The friendly design offers a friendly place for a visitor to come, look, learn, and share experiences.

Luz Méndez Pereira, Chile

Identity website prototype (Flash)

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Luz Mendez is a renowned Chilean textile artist. This site prototype was created to showcase her artistry in a simple yet effective way using an earthy colour scheme matching Luz’s creations. The fluid transitions speak to her connection to nature, evident in the raw materials used.

Cabañas Barrachina, Chile

Tourism website (Flash)

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Cabañas Barrachina is a family-owned getaway place in a small seaside village of Punta de Tralca, near the famous Isla Negra, south of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, on the coast of Chile. The website showcases the 8 cabañas available for rent all year round, as well as the surrounding area. The design of the site is reminiscent of a postcard from an exciting location, one the visitor cannot resist finding out more about and booking.

VanAps Accommodations, Vancouver

Identity/offerings website, db-driven, includes custom CMS

Temporarily offline

The client offers various furnished short- and mid-term accommodations for rent in downtown Vancouver.  Prospective tenants come from all over the world, coming to Vancouver to study or work. The site’s design is clean and simple and allows the client to add, remove, or edit any of the properties (and their photographs) via a custom-built content management system.

koDesign, Chile/Canada

Portfolio website (Flash)

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The collaborative efforts of four designers are showcased in this Flash website.

Kim Varas