Health Sector Planning & Innovation Division,
Ministry of Health, Victoria

Monthly divisional newsletter

The HSPID monthly newsletter, The Source, is one of the division’s main communication tools, both for the executive and the employees. Each issue contains topics such as corporate initiatives, ministry- or policy-related articles, skill training, and more. On the lighter side, employees enjoy calendars of events, recipes, seasonal articles, and more. The design has evolved over time to a clean, modern format.

Granville Island (CMHC),

Monthly newsletter

Granville Island is a very special corner of Vancouver, full of character and characters. A monthly newsletter informs both visitors and locals of festival, performances, and all kinds of events happening on Granville Island in the current month. The design of each issue depends on current events or Public Market’s seasonal offerings.

Granville Island (CMHC), Vancouver

Marketing materials

Brochures, flyers, print ads, media kits, signage

The sheer variety of artistic offerings on Granville Island (live theatre, music, galleries, artisans, special events and festivals, and the famous Public Market) calls for a unified yet visually diverse collection of pieces, each promoting a different aspect of the Island, each maintaining an unmistakable Island brand.

HearAgainMusic, White Rock

Hands On Music CDs

4 CD covers and booklets, CD faces

The client, Monica Tusnady of HearAgainMusic, is a musician and educator. She created, recorded, and produced a series of music CDs for school-age children, to be used in the classroom as part of music appreciation lessons. The series consist of four collections of two CDs (one containing music and vocals, the other a instrumental version). Each set represents different instrument groups, which, in turn, correspond to the seasons. The design brings together the different elements in a fun and expressive way.

  • HandsOnMusic

HearAgainMusic, White Rock

Young Dancer CDs

2 CD covers and booklets, CD face

The client, Monica Tusnady of HearAgainMusic, is a musician and educator. She created, recorded, and produced two dance music CDs, to be used in ballet and other dance classes.

  • Young Dancer

HearAgainMusic, White Rock

Music Editing Services brochure/postcard

The client, Monica Tusnady of HearAgainMusic, is a musician who offers various music editing services to local dance schools, other music teachers, and educators. The original postcard, as conceived by the client, was an ink-jet printed four-fold piece of paper. The final result was a stylish, full-colour postcard, clearly communicating Monica’s offerings.

White Rock Players Club,
White Rock

Theatrical programmes and posters

The client, a community theatre, needed programmes for their theatrical performances. Each programme was designed with the theme of the play in mind.

Edmond Kilpatrick Dance Ensemble, White Rock

Promotional postcards, posters, programmes, newsletter

The client, a dance group, needed promotional materials to promote their performances. The designs matched the group’s modern dance style; one- and two-colour printing matched their small budget while providing a strong visual impact.


Logo/identity design

Logos are meant to make a statement; a statement about the person or company they represent. Whether an architect, engineer, contractor, or a musician, their business has to have a brand look that sells.

Kim Varas